2 Nick Drake songs

It didn’t take long for curiousity to get the better of me. I got a matched pair of pencil mics and set these up in an X/Y config. for the guitar, keeping the large cardioid mic up close for my voice. I knew I’d be risking phase problems but couldn’t find any advice online re the arrangement of 3 mics so it’s down to trial-and-error. 

If anyone else is interested in recording via a looper (instead of to computer), I managed to get the extra mics into it by running them through an audio interface first. The audio interface I chose had great reviews for low latency (Motu M2) because obviously that could be an issue, since the other mic is plugging directly into the looper and could be faster.

For Nick Drake aficiandos, you’ll notice that I changed the lyrics to Things Behind The Sun, frankly because the original lyrics hint at schizofrenia or some kind of paranoid delusion (he was a complex figure). The new lyrics are apt for the times and try to keep the rhyme of the original.

Things Behind The Sun (alternative lyrics):

Please beware: earth, sea and air
They mirror just how much we care
Let’s find a way.

Once you’ve seen how they have been
To save the earth, it will seem worth
Your night and your day.

Share your time and still your mind
To say a prayer for creatures where
They should be the law.

And if you see what’s meant to be
Please don’t delay or try to say
It’ll work like before.


Look around, you’ll find the ground
It’s not so far from where you are.
Just open your eyes.

For what we sew is what will grow
We need to see where we can be.
Now look to the skies.

At the carbon in the air
And the people everywhere.

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