Hey, thanks for stopping by.

This might be the only time you check in and I’ve got to say: I don’t blame you. I’d probably do the same if it weren’t my own site. I mean, how many bookmarks-apps-podcasts can one person actually manage? 

Surely nobody is going to follow this blog. Seriously, the recipes are written just so I don’t have to flip through paper versions in the kitchen, and the other stuff is just for kicks. But if some nutter wanted to follow my little ventures, I’ve considered the simplest options. (This is also so I can check out options for other purposes, outside of this site.) 


How easy is this? If I post something, the article link gets emailed to you (max. once per day). You can unsubscribe anytime. This link will set you up.

Unfortunately, you can’t just follow a specific category using the email method – it’s all posts or nothing. But you will see the title of the most recent post in the header, and honestly, I can’t imagine posting more than one thing on any given day. From the title, you should get an indication of whether that post is for music, ramblings, recipes or sewing.

If you make yourself a free IFTTT account (If This Then That), you can get posts directly to your wall. Cool huh? I’m not just talking blogs here but news from more formal sites too. They just need to offer an RSS feed, which they generally do.

You can choose from two IFTTT ‘applets’ to automate this process – one by Facebook, the other by WordPress. Apart from needing your FB login deets, you’ll need some info from me. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see my RSS links. You can subscribe to all posts or just category-specific ones.

Have your own blog? High five! You probably know how to connect RSS feeds already.

If you’re using WordPress, insert the RSS widget and then paste my RSS address, which can be found at the bottom of this page. There are different feeds for different categories.

If you’re really serious about collating, sorting and absorbing various online content, then you might want a specific feed-service.

Feedly is free until you reach several hundred feeds and by then your brain would explode anyway. It lets you group different feeds into topics and ‘disappears’ things that you’ve read. It offers pretty templates with pretty images, and even has A.I. (???)

Another option is follow.it. If you signed up to follow me via email (newsletter), then you will have automatically created a follow.it account in the process. With this (free) account, you can collate different feeds and read them there in your account. Log into this account anytime to change your settings, both for the newsletter and the follow.it feed.

At the bottom of this page are the RSS links you will need if following me directly via Feedly or follow.it.

Jax eNook RSS Links

  • All posts: jaxenook.com/feed/
  • Music only: jaxenook.com/category/music/feed/
  • Ramblings only: jaxenook.com/category/ramblings/feed/
  • Recipes only: jaxenook.com/category/recipe/feed/
  • Sewing only: jaxenook.com/category/sewing/feed/
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