Fave Web Designs

There are so many great web-template services out there. From Wix to Shopify, Joy to WordPress, Squarespace and beyond. Many of these are cheap, if not free. That’s great, both for the time-poor and somewhat-poor. But in defence of custom design, here is a list of engaging and inspirational sites. Click an image to see a […]

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Bolivia Burning REDD

Ready for a crash-course in Bolivian politics? This audio doco sought to understand why Bolivia was the only country to not sign the 2010 UN REDD agreement to combat climate change. The journey examines a controversial road through a major national park. (Its $400m contract had already been signed, even though the road was not

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Pottery 1

Some months after Bub #2 arrived, my friend Lyn invited me to a pinch-pot class. It was my first experience with clay and I loved the visceral nature of moulding something soft and damp. I was desperate for a creative outlet (being attached to an infant day-and-night will do that to you) so when I

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The Campaigning Arms Race

Did you ever stop to wonder how truly democratic Australia is? Did you know that some places, like Switzerland, have forms of direct democracy (not representative democracy)? Imagine that – no representative between you and a vote on policies. Speaking of representatives, do you know who can give money to our politicians and how much

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Music Theory

As the saying goes, how long is a piece of string?  I know the answer can be very long so I avoided music theory for quite a while. I vaguely recall sitting some AMEB exams as a kid, but the theories I touched on in classical piano were worlds away from the terms I started

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