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A change of season has come to Brisbane, and as usual, this has motivated me to dust off my machines. I’ll post about my current projects later but first, I want to share some of my favourite makes from last winter; the ones that go into high rotation at this time of year. The Charlie Caftan is one of them.

Originally intended as a maxi dress, I decided to try it in half-priced corduroy from Spotlight so I could layer it as a tunic. The pattern has a few versions and I chose A. I went for the larger of my in-between sizes (size 10) and omitted the interfacing, since corduroy is thick enough – plus I’m just lazy with sewing deets. 

Here it is in its second season…. Note the lovely deep pockets.

As usual, I made some pattern changes. First, I raised the neckline so it wasn’t quite such a deep V, which meant changing the facing as well. 

After sewing it up, it looked like I was in a big old potato sack so in went the Emergency Darts And Tucks. There’s one on each sleeve and two at each shoulder, as per the image below. If I sew this pattern again, it will definitely be in a smaller size, even for tunics. Cutting out took longer than the actual sewing from memory. I’ll probably make it again one day, just not this year. 

What you see Emergency Darts

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