True Bias Rory (Yari) Jumpsuit

This is going to get messy folks. I’ll tell you now that I end up chopping this baby in half. 

This is the Rory jumpsuit (previously called the Yari jumpsuit) by True Bias. The fabric is a Jocelyn Proust cotton from Spotlight. I’ve widened the legs as per the hack on the True Bias website. I was also going to add elastic to the waist but it turned out to be a pretty slim fit so didn’t bother. I didn’t add the little sleeves (as seen in View D below) because I like my shoulders to have a boxier shape. I just turned the sleeve instead.

This thing took forever to cut out. Imagine cutting out one top and one set of pants at the same time, but there isn’t just one front and one back piece each – there are 4 (FOUR!) fronts and 4 backs. It’s not just time you need but space. There are 4 princess seams, 2 side seams and 2 centre seams.

Another heads up: pay attention to seam allowance because it’s not a constant.

I know things can go horribly wrong with jumpsuits so I read reviews before I started. Folk like Cocos Loft and So Zo all said that the bodice ran too long – so I figured that was perfect for me, and I didn’t add my usual extra length. Of course I should have made a toile first but the cutting out looked so tedious that I decided to live dangerously. 

I briefly revelled in my one-and-only jumpsuit by, well, jumping….

Unfortunately the gamble didn’t quite pay off. Take a look at these pics to see what I mean….

Yup, it’s too short in the bodice and too short in the legs. Quite uncomfortable. Only then did I bother to read what height the pattern was drafted for – 165cm (5’5″). I’m about 174cm. Almost 4 inches taller. I should have added 2″ to the bodice and 2″ (at least, since I like my pants to finish low) to the legs. Also, I think the legs ended up too wide. 

What to do with all that embodied time and effort? Chop it in two. The only spot for it was above the pockets and below the last button. (NB: I only used 4 buttons because I find buttonholes tedious.)6

I added a 2.5″ band to the bottom of the top and another 3″ band to the bottom of each leg, while throwing Emergency Pleats into those too to take out some of the bagginess. I also narrowed the inner-leg seam a little to remove bagginess from the top of the leg.

I tapered the top of the pants into the waist just a little by pinching about a cm above the glutes from each of the princess seams at the back. I still had to leave enough ease to go over the hips. Then I added a simple waistband (about 1″ high) and fed elastic through it, similar to the Margot pants

I still find the pants a bit too baggy visually but in terms of wear, everything is quite comfortable. Now I can really jump!

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  1. I haven’t dared venture into jumpsuits. My body is long so I’d never fit an off-the-shelf jumpsuit. But I also couldn’t be bothered with the pfaffing in the toilet even though I like the look of them on other people. I like your solution. Something I probably would have ended up doing too. Will you try again? I love that fabric

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