Sew House 7 Remy Raglan

Who doesn’t love a raglan sleeve? They just sit so well and are quick to make. This sure isn’t the most exciting design (especially with the sleeves rolled down) but it’s an easy staple. The pattern also offers variations to switch things up a bit (i.e. a split at the neck or long sleeves).

The fabric is a lightweight remnant cotton from a dress I made for Kid 1. It has red ladybirds on denim. It looks like grey denim in the photo below but it’s actually a light blue.

Now to some little insights for fellow sewists: 

First, I added my standard 2″ to torso length and that worked out well. It’s one of the benefits of home-sewing. I’ve sometimes added fabric to the hem of store-bought tops so I appreciate that my body is just longer than the industry-standard.

I sewed this in size US 6, based on bust measurement. (My waist is slightly bigger than 6.) As you can see, the shoulders look to fit quite well but I can assure you the torso did not. Pity I didn’t take any before/after photos. Just as I did with the Toaster Sweater 2 by the same designer, I had to take in the side seams by quite a bit. Before you ask, yes I checked the seam allowance and adhered to it … 1.5cm with instructions for French seams. (Of course I didn’t bother with those. That’s what my nifty overlocker is for!) Imagine if I’d bothered with French Seams and then had to cut them off to make the torso narrower. No thanks. So be warned, fellow sewists, this pattern might be too wide for you too. 

In the end, I removed 1″ from the seam allowance (= 4 inches total from circumference). Unfortunately, while doing this I took a centimetre or two off the arm seam as well, since it all gets sewn in one go for a raglan. The sleeves still fit but were more comfortable as their original size. So I’ve redrawn the pattern to suit my body as per the photo below. As you can see, the width of my torso aligns with size 00, even though by waist measurement is actually a bit bigger than size 6. I’ll need to adjust the corresponding sleeve piece by lining them up. 

Anyway, that’s my experience with the Remy Raglan top. I’m sure I’ll make it again one day, now that I’ve ironed out its teething problems. The first make of a pattern always has these. Hooray for our different shapes and sizes.

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    1. I know – so much to sew, so little time. Feel free to add a link to your blog here when you’re done so we can check out your makes. I’m also hosting a sewing get-together this weekend in a Moorooka hall. If we decide to continue on a monthly basis, I’ll let you know 🙂

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