Frankie & Ray Calendar Tunic

My, my, I’ve been a busy girl. Several projects sewn in under four weeks (mostly after the kids go to bed). I tend to be an all-or-nothing lass and can finally feel this sewing bug ease. It helps that all the projects were chosen for their simplicity…. All but one (the Rory/Yari jumpsuit).

This Calendar pattern is by a fellow Australian and would be a perfect project for beginners as it has so few pieces – plus the sizing needn’t be exact. It only has 4 sizes to choose from, each covering a range of regular sizes.

Unfortunately it only comes as a paper pattern but its saving grace is that there isn’t too much to trace. I otherwise try to avoid paper patterns these days. With PDF patterns printed onto A0 at a copy shop, you can just chop straight into them instead of wasting time tracing out a particular size (if you’re like me and prefer to keep other sizes intact).

Anyway, before I go any further, here is the finished item:

This is just what I was after in a layered Winter tunic. The only review I had come across online showed it with sleeves and I knew I wasn’t after that. I liked the instructions for making a neat patch pocket by using a lining (instead of using an iron around a template to get a curved shape). 

I sewed the XS size. After trying it on, I pinched it in at the centre by a centimetre or so to see what that would be like. Then I decided that I liked the way the line finishes directly above the armhole. However, the tunic does occasionally shift more to one shoulder or the other, so if I make this again, I’ll probably narrow the neck hole by a cm each side. The neck is finished with bias tape (not facing) so it would be easy to accommodate the change.

The only other change was to add my standard 2″ length to the back piece and front ‘skirt’ piece. 

The fabric is a mid-weight cotton dobby from Miss Matatabi online. I wouldn’t have bought it if not already buying other fabric there. Since it was relatively cheap, I added it in. (Actually, nothing is cheap-cheap at Miss Matatabi’s but US$10/m was better than most – plus postage.) I have yet to dislike any fabric that’s arrived from Miss M, even though I can’t see and feel it in person before buying. That said, when I opened the parcel, I found this to be heavier and less drapey than I was expecting. I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it but this tunic (and a pair of slacks currently in progress) was a good match. 

You can easily sew this on a lazy Sunday or maybe over 2 or 3 evenings between dinner and bed. As usual, it’s the tracing and cutting out that tends to take the longest.

Update re fabric requirement

With my 2″ added to front and back piece (about 10cm in length of fabric), I’d need 2.5m for 110cm wide fabric or maybe 2.25m for 140cm wide. 

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  1. I love this one and the colour! Good for summer or winter (my kind of dress). Simple but looks great. I’ll share this review with a few friends who are starting to get their sewing mojo.

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