Quick Xmas Finger Food

Grab some small skewers (like oversized toothpicks) and to each, add a nice olive, a bocconcini ball and a cube of watermelon. Lay all the skewers on the tray and when you\’re done, drizzle some of the herbed olive oil from the olive jar if you wish. It\’s a surprising but refreshing combo.

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Asian pumpkin salad

The original calls for prawns but as those are dwindling and/or getting polluted, avocadoes would do nicely instead. 1 small pumpkin coriander leaves shallots fresh lime juice sesame oil olive oil and salt to roast the pumpkin soy sauce sweet chilli sauce crushed cashew nuts or peanuts or toasted peppitas freshly cooked prawns (fried with

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Fave Web Designs

There are so many great web-template services out there. From Wix to Shopify, Joy to WordPress, Squarespace and beyond. Many of these are cheap, if not free. That’s great, both for the time-poor and somewhat-poor. But in defence of custom design, here is a list of engaging and inspirational sites. Click an image to see a

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2 Papercut Pattern Array Tops

Part of the sewing journey is working out which patterns work better on different bodies. I want to experiment with more emphasis on my arms using ruffles and puffs. Who’d have thought? This pattern looked like a good place to start, with its dramatic sleeves elasticised at the wrist. I particularly like this chiffon version

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Pauline Alice Ayora Vest

I might have gone a bit crazy with online fabric shopping when the cool weather began. What is it with fabric that sucks us sewists in? During a frenzied moment, I splashed out on some boiled wool from Minerva’s Bower in the Blue Mountains. Did I know what boiled wool was? Um, nope. Did that

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Burda Style 6540

The inspiration for this pattern was the ‘sewing woes’ fabric by Alexander Henry, which I got from Voodoo Rabbit. I wanted a boxy top that didn’t have fussiness or shoulder seams like a raglan so that the cartoon was easy to read. Check out a portion of the cartoon…. At a hefty $30/m, even I

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Peek-A-Boo Rocky Raglan Top

This pattern was delightfully easy. Having an overlocker and coverstitch machine made it quite straightforward. I think sewing knits (stretchy fabrics) without them (mainly the overlocker) would be daunting.  Originally I added some length to the pattern, since it was my first time to sew it and my partner is tall. In the end, I

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