Asian pumpkin salad

The original calls for prawns but as those are dwindling and/or getting polluted, avocadoes would do nicely instead. 1 small pumpkin coriander leaves shallots fresh lime juice sesame oil olive oil and salt to roast the pumpkin soy sauce sweet chilli sauce crushed cashew nuts or peanuts or toasted peppitas freshly cooked prawns (fried with […]

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Fallback Menu

Sometimes (often times!) I just don\’t want to think. Funnily enough, this happens a lot when it comes to food prep so I\’ve made myself a fallback menu to help with the grocery run. In reality, we never cook every night of the week. There are always leftovers or toasted sandwiches along the way. Week

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Leafy Green Veg

Leafy green veggies, like buk-choi, choi-sam, wom-bok or guy-lan, are highly nutritious, quick to cook, and they go well with rice. To cook, start with frying some garlic, add lots of veggies in a deep pot (they shrink) and then some small splashes of water to partially steam them. Finish them with a bit of

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Spinach Omelette

When I was a kid, a fried egg on rice with butter and Maggi sauce was one of our fallback meals. Unfortunately I can\’t bring myself to stock Maggi. What\’s in it? (Apparently it varies from country to country but possible ingredients include E631 and \’aroma\’). Anyway, this is now our easy fallback. Because we

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Homemade Chocolate

Homemade chocolates make a nice gift within a homemade origami box. Differently shaped silicone ice-cube trays are perfect to use if you have them. Apparently a thermy makes the melting and mixing stage a breeze. 140 – 150g cacao (not cocoa) powder 280 – 300g cacao butter 100 – 130g honey, maple syrup or brown

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Cashew Cream Vegan Treat

This dessert is made up of 3 layers but you could take any one of those layers and make it its own simple dessert. It is entirely vegan except for honey in one layer but that\’s easily replaced by plant options if necessary. Plan ahead because you need to soak cashew nuts and dates overnight

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Fig and Bacon Entree

This little dish is decadent, what with its cream and bacon. Lucky it\’s only for entrée portions. It\’s simple and a winner if the figs are in season. You simply wrap a piece of bacon around a large fig and fix it there with a toothpick. Then sit it in a centimetre or two of

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Rice Pudding

Don\’t you love desserts that include savoury ingredients and aren\’t too sweet? Adjust the sugar to your liking. 200g Arboria (risotto, short grain) rice 800ml full cream milk divided into 750ml and 50ml 60g caster sugar 1 tsp natural vanilla extract 2 eggs, lightly beaten pinch of ground nutmeg pinch of cinnamon pinch of ground

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Baked Stone Fruit

I confess I\’ve never made this before but I\’ve enjoyed eating it and asked for the recipe. I rarely eat stone fruit, seeing as they come from colder climates, but I will look out for them next time they\’re in season. various stone fruit such as peaches, nectarines and apricots 1 tsp vanilla quarter cup

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